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Pibulwitthayalai Lopburi School,Senior high school is the grade 10-12, the first and only of the Office of the Basic Education in the region, including 78 classrooms, a student population of approximately 3,400 people, teachers 170 people. A total of six school buildings, temporary buildings, after many buildings. History and portfolio of the School of Excellence throughout the entire learning in general, professional, arts, music, sports and events. Alumni of the school since the Wat Sao Thong Thong Wichayen - Pranarai(Visanu) until Pibulwitthayalai school has built a reputation to the school the professionals in both private agencies to benefit society as a whole a lot from the past to the present.


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The emblem of school:Hmong families have Thammachak locomotive in the middle.

The initials of school:P.B. (Pibulwitthayalai)

The color of school: Green - Red

The green is the birthday of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram and the red is birthday of Madam La-aiad Phibunsongkhram.

The slogan of school: Tenacity, discipline, integrity, unity

The buddha statue of School:The big white buddha statue, created from the Ayutthaya era older than 300 years.This is the worship of teachers, students and people of Lop buri province.

buddha white


The priest statue of school:Phra-Sangkha-pa-ra-wa-ha-mu-nee (Niam Phummasaro), the school founder.This is the worship of teachers, students and people of Lop buri province.

Phra Niam 


The king monument statue of school:Monument of King Rama V and King Rama 5, organized by Chulalongkorn University Alumni Club(Lop buri province) since 1988.

 king rama5



The tree of school:Monkey Flower Tree or Fire of Pakistan.

pradoodang tree

Identity of School

Academic excellence.

Vision of School

Pibulwitthayalai school, Aiming to improve the quality of learners to become world citizens by year 2022, based on the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.